Owner of Plano Superior Produção Cinematográfica Florianópolis / SC


He began his professional and artistic career in photography in 1982, has a solid and recognized trajectory of 40 years dedicated to photographic and audiovisual production, worked for several publications of the national and international press and for film producers in São Paulo.

He has held 18 solo exhibitions and participated in 7 group exhibitions, including at the UN headquarters / NYC in 2012 and at Art Basel Fair in Miami Beach in 2016.

He has published 8 photography books, two of them: “SLZ 48 Horas” 2002 and “Filhos do Vento” 2011 both with a peculiar and poetic look that describe communities and natural locations in the interior of Brazil.

In 2010 he publishes “25 years of the Artist” with images of important actresses and celebrities of the national cinema and television photographed between 1984 and 2009 book this commemorative to his 25 years of career, and the most recent, the Book of the Copacabana Palace Hotel “The Golden Book”2016 in Rio de Janeiro.

He has photographic works of art listed in the main museums in Brazil: MAM, MAC, MIS / S, MASC and MASP and abroad.

In advertising audiovisual production, he photographed and directed dozens of films, being awarded at the Cannes Film Festival and at the NYC Advertising Film Festival, for the film “Lares” 1998 and at festivals in the sector in Brazil, he also directed and photographed several short films among them: “What you want most” 2005 and “Chronosophy” 2019 and “Alma da Gente Embrulhada para Presente” 2021 and “Cala-Te” 2022 was Director of Photography of two feature films of national cinema: “O Dono do Mar” 2004, “Bodas de Papel” 2006 and Director of “Uma Carta Para Ferdinand” 2019 (Amazon Prime Video) and recently produced and directed the mini series “Christabel Sol e Sonhos” 2022 for TV Record de Santa Catarina.

He currently holds the position of Vice President of the Catarinense Film Institute and dedicates his time to the development, production, scriptwriting and direction of various entertainment and audiovisual content projects and in his work to expand and solidify film production in the State of Santa Catarina.

Possessing a sensitive, particular and poetic look, always present in his visual narrative and in the way he tells his stories.